Normet inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame for wet shotcrete

The Normet team that has developed that company’s sprayed concrete (wet shotcrete) for mining, will be inducted in the underground support category at the gala dinner in the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver on February 16 ( Normet was founded in 1962, turning 50 in 2012.  In March 2014, it produced its 10,000th machine and has been very well known as a leader in sprayed concrete machines and transporters which have over the last 20+ years, from a technology perspective, changed the way mines looked at ground support, primarily during development but also for production.

The team members to be honoured are Tom Melbye, Mike Rispin, Odd Bjorn Kleven, Janne Lehto, Ismael Anabalon, Jouko Tenhunen and Rick Kraft.

Sprayed concrete is now often the first ground support that a new mine will look at.  Its effectiveness as a rapidly applied, active and durable means of areal support has changed the way that mines develop their operations.  Its safety in application, whereby the operator was kept away from unsupported ground, and its ability to develop strength rapidly, make it a key component of a rapid development scheme.  The efforts of the individuals mentioned, and the support of many others, have been instrumental in moving the science of sprayed concrete forward in mining.  Concrete mix design, super plasticisers, hydration control agents, alkali free acelerators, are all part of a successful sprayed concrete program.  When it comes to the business end of the process, the application, Normet Line machines have led the way with their robust carrying capacity, versatile boom technology, precise accelerator dosing systems and built-for-purpose shotcrete pumps.

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