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The mining equipment and technology sector usually makes advances thanks to the dedication and expertise of individuals or small groups that have pushed the boundaries of innovation and R&D to bring new solutions to the industry. Sometimes initially facing internal and external scepticism or funding shortages, these leaps of progress have gone on to help make major increases in productivity and efficiency in mining, as well as in many cases making operations safer through better technologies or helping to remove operators and miners from high risk roles.

The International Mining Technology Hall of Fame recognises these pioneers across a range of categories, and perhaps going back many years. Nominees could be as varied as the developer of a fundamental improvement in crusher or drill rig design, to the introduction of a new process or mining method, or a facilitator who has been key to the introduction of an innovative solution. Please explain who the person/development team is, the specific innovation and what that innovation/technology has done for the industry. It can be a piece of equipment, software or a new method of exploring, mining or processing – maximum 800 words. By all means include links to any relevant online material that will support the nomination and send separate Word documents or pdfs explaining and supporting your nomination. Remember, the better the presentation and the more good reasons you give for the nomination, the more the likelihood of success.

Note that the deadline for nominations is August 17th 2018
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For the 2018 International Mining Technology Hall of Fame (to be presented at the Gala Dinner in February 2019) we plan to induct 12 people or teams (and it can be a posthumous award) in the below categories. Once the nominations are in, the voting will be undertaken by a college of some 100 experts and leaders in the fields of exploration, mining and processing. To ensure impartiality, none of them will be employees of supplier companies (but their nominations are very welcome).